At Pathfinder we have come to realize that we can do more to help protect people by offering Disinfection & Sanitization services.

We Service Both Residential & Commercial Buildings including Restaurants, apartments, Hotels, Office Buildings, Gyms, First Responder agencies, schools, health care and much more.

We know you’re already taking all the necessary precautions to protect your customers. But, This service is a great add on to the measures you are already taking. We can provide professional disinfection services daily, weeky, bi-weely, or even monthly to help set a baseline for your business to make keeping it safer that much easier and better. This will also help with any other communicable disease such as the cold or flu.
Our services can be done as a one time service to help set a baseline for reopening of your business or scheduled regular services to help keep employees & customers safe within your business. Our professional service technicians will completely disinfect all non-porous surfaces.

There is a major difference between sanitization and disinfection. Sanitization is to reduce the number of harmful organisms on a surface to a level that is not of health concern. Unlike Sanitization, Disinfection kills 100% of harmful organisms on non- porous surfaces. With the product we use, it has a very broad spectrum of use and can be used in many different locations around your home or business.

Our Disinfection service generally takes in most cases about an hour, but this can depend on a number of factors. There is also a dry time of about 30 mins. Once we are all finished you can be back up and running very quickly.

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