These pests have long plagued homeowners and business alike. With their ability to adapt and survive even through the worst of conditions. Their ability to hitchhike on everyday items allows them to move undetected until it's too late.

American cockroaches primarily live outdoors. But here in the northern area of the US they can primarily be found in sewers and drains. They prefer dark, warm, and moist areas. In homes you will commonly find them in basements. In larger buildings you will also find them in the basement and especially boiler rooms and steam tunnels.

  • American cockroaches are typically reddish brown with a yellowish figure 8 pattern on the back of the head
  • Adults may range between 1 1/4” to 2 1/8” (32-54 mm) in length
  • Oval
  • American cockroaches are found worldwide

Brown-Banded Cockroaches often come into homes and businesses looking for shelter and end up staying in doors when they find a suitable area. They prefer dry and warmer locations. They tend to be found in high locations then most other cockroaches like above cabinets and in ceilings. They are very fond of electronic equipment. They tend to avoid water and any well lit areas. They are primarily nocturnal but will come out to find food during the day.

  • Brown, with pronounced banding across wings
  • 1/2″ long
  • Oval
  • Found throughout U.S

Oriental Cockroaches are found primarily outdoors. They often are found under debris such as leaves, stones, and fallen trees. They will come indoors during the summer through gaps they find in the home and will go into the basement or crawlspace. They like damp, cool locations.

  • Shiny black
  • 1″ long
  • Oval
  • Northern regions of the United States

German Cockroaches are the most common species found worldwide. They like warm humid areas, but they will also infest other areas such as living rooms and bedrooms if a food supply is present. They are very good hitchhikers and this is how they often come into homes and businesses as they will come in on grocery bags, cardboard boxes, or any other item that can hold things.

  • Light brown to tan, with two dark, almost parallel stripes located on their backs, just behind their head
  • ½”-5/8” long
  • Oval
  • Found throughout the United States

Though all these species are different in their own way. They have been found to spread 33 different kinds of bacteria, 6 different parasitic worms, and at 7 other human pathogens. They can also cause allergic reactions in many people.

Treatment for these can differ greatly depending on the level of activity and locations. Some of are treatments are:

  • Baiting
  • Barrier treatments
  • Glue traps
  • Habitat modification
  • Reducing the condition causing the pests such as temperature, moisture, and hiding locations
There are many different cockroach species, below are just few we’ve encountered the most:

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